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The 10 Most Unusual Places In America

Here are 10 of the most unusual places in America.

The United States is filled with all sorts of unique sights to behold, and many of the most intriguing ones are entirely the work of nature.

Number 10.

Bryce Canyon. The Utah locale is studded with distinctive, spiky formations called hoodoos. They formed over time when rainwater entered small cracks and froze, splitting the rock apart.

Bryce Canyon unusual place US

Number 9.

The Wave. Those hoping to take a stroll through this stunning, naturally sculpted sandstone chute in Arizona need luck on their side. Since only 20 visitors are allowed to walk on the site per day, lotteries are held to determine who gains access.


Number 8.

Desert of Maine. Visions of Maine typically involve coastal stretches and snowy hills, but, believe it or not, the state is home to a 40-acre expanse of sand. Though glaciers set the stage for its existence by grinding rocks into silt, it was poor farming practices that caused the fine grains to take over the landscape.

Number 7.

Centralia, Pennsylvania. At one time this small coal-mining town was much like any other. That changed about 50 years ago when an underground fire started to burn. Despite efforts to extinguish it, the subterranean blaze continues to this day, and may carry on for up to 250 more years.

Centralia, Pennsylvania unusual place US

Number 6.

Thor’s Well. The seemingly bottomless hole off the Oregon coast appears to be swallowing up the Pacific Ocean, but in actuality it’s only 20 feet deep. Nonetheless, its unlikely anyone who fell in would make it back to the surface alive.

Thor’s Well

Number 5.

Devils Tower. In 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt made this Wyoming formation the first national monument, but its legend was established long before. It’s been said that the mountain rose from the Earth to protect 2 young boys running from a bear. The animal then clawed at the rock’s sides, creating the vertical marks covering it.

Number 4.

Hubbard Glacier. At a time when many of the planet’s icy masses are melting, a part of Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier is actually advancing. It’s already among the largest in the state, with a calving face that measures about 6 miles across.

Hubbard Glacier

Number 3.

Crater Lake. Not only is this body of water in Oregon the deepest lake in America, it may also be the bluest. Legend has it the mountain bluebirds got their brilliant hue by taking a dip in the indigo waters.

Number 2.

Carlsbad Caverns. The New Mexico attraction consists of nearly 120 caves, which contain a number of stunning rock formations. The colorful features are the result of mineral deposits that have built up over the last 20 million or so years.

Number 1.

Grand Prismatic Spring. Yellowstone holds many wonders, but among the most vibrant is this hot spring. Its rainbow hues are a result of the differing bacteria that thrive in each of the springs various temperature regions.

Grand Prismatic Spring

Which American natural phenomenon do you think is the most unusual?

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