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Facts That You Must Know About Area 51

AREA 51  the super secret base. UFO, aliens U-2 project..

What is Area 51 mysteriously hiding ? These are 10 Things You Must Know About Area 51

10. Location.

the location of Area51 is extremly protected by lifeguard, police, and US Force…Why are there all these people? and, where is? Fortunately, this last  aspect of the secret base is no mystery. The U.S. government denied that it even exists for the first decades of its life, only coming clean when an official CIA document happen to mention it.

Area 51 location

9. The Camo Dude

Thrill seekers and paranormal enthusiasts who have attempted to break into Nevada’s infamous Area 51 have almost all certainly been thwarted by armed men dressed in camouflage behind the wheel of a white unmarked pick-up truck. These armed government contractors, dubbed “Cammo Dudes” by Area 51 aficionados because of their military-style workwear, are shrouded in nearly as much secrecy as the 38,400-acre military testing site they protect

 Camo Dude area 51

8. More Security

Mr Campbell carried out several photographic missions to the site from the 1990s in an attempt to uncover its true use and if it was connected to UFOs, aliens and secret aircraft.  He claims in his latest video he was doing unspecified research on public land near Area 51, when he was soon spotted by the men in a white jeep and then watched wherever he went.

Area 51 security

7. U-2 Program

The Lockheed U-2, nicknamed “Dragon Lady”, is a single-engine, high-altitude aircraft flown by the United States Air Force and previously flown by the Central Intelligence Agency. It provides day and night, high-altitude (70,000 feet/21,000 metres), all-weather surveillance. The aircraft is also used for electronic sensor research and development, satellite calibration, and satellite data validation.

U2 Program Area 51

6. Stealth Developments

Developed in the 1970s and declared operational in complete secrecy in 1983, the F-117 ushered in a new era that would enable the United States to dominate warfare for decades to come. IF you are lovers of the aviation you can read F117 history in this site

F117 AREA 51

5. Project Blue Book

Formed in the years immediately following World War Two, Project Blue Book was intended to stop the spread of public unease about a growing number of reported UFO sightings, including over such landmarks as the White House and US Capitol.

“There was a lot of hysteria with the public, and that to the military and government at the time was a big threat in itself,” Greenewald says. “It didn’t matter if UFOs were alien or not, they were causing a panic, so [the government] had to settle everybody’s nerves.”


4. Flying Saucers

Could Area 51 really be a base where all crashed UFO’s are transported to and researched on could this is the secret they’ve been keeping from us? Could they have gotten stealth technology and made such huge advancements from studying crashed alien technology? You might certainly be familiar with the Roswell crash that the government claimed to be a weather balloon that suspended a disc. But who knows. If it was only a weather balloon, why would it receive so much attention for the FBI.

Flying Saucers AREA 51

Others claim that it wasn’t just debris from a spacecraft taken back to Area 51 but also some of the bodies as well of grey aliens. This is with most well-known case of the US possible recovering a UFO spacecraft. Think of how many they could possibly have that we have no idea about. Thi s photo was captured while someone was driving in the western Arizona desert and it appeared to be heavily guarded with escorts. The woman captured the photo claims it appeared to be heading in the direction of Nevada.

3. Reverse Engineering

During the Vietnam war, the air force admits to taking crashed Soviet technology to Area 51 and trying to figure out the mechanics of some of their fighter planes. So not only do they possibly have alien aircraft out there but also enemy secret aircraft. This was confirmed when a 3 star Air Force general, named Robert Bond crashed a soviet MiG-23 at Groom Lake i n 1984 that the US had made experimental advancements too. So if they can reverse engineer Russian aircraft, could they do it with alien aircraft.

MiG-23 AREA 51

2. Other Technology

Area 51 is located within close proximity of the proving grounds where hundreds of nuclears bombs were detonated. Night would turn to daytime, due to the brightness of the explosions here. It seems clear that experimental aircraft isn’t the only thing tested in this area. It’s possible the government wanted a new type of energy that would allow them to reach far beyond our solar system. Robert Lazar also claims that using anti gravity could lead to time travel or even an infinate energy source. Could anti gravitational power have been discovered in Roswell and then tested here? Other theories include testing weather control and chemtrails here.

Technology AREA 51

1.What are They Hiding

So what’s really going on here? Maybe we can get a closer look from google maps. Ah what is this flying saucer? Do you think is a joke google maps!!! Ok looks like we can’t get a street view of Area 51 but after looking closely on google maps, we can tell it’s certainly a large facility with plenty of cars, passenger aircraft, helicopters, and long runways. However some claim that the real hangers with the advanced aircraft are actually camouflaged with the mountain over the top and you can’t spot them with the satellite, kinda like in this photo.

google maps area 51

Many claim that the reason area 51 isn’t completely censored on google maps is because the vast majority of the base still lies underground. The basic above ground base is simply just a front for the vast complex of tunnels, storage facilities and laboratories. Some claim that the laboratories below ground, store extraterrestrial bodies in things that look like fish tanks like we see in this photo . It could very possible that the reason this place is so secretive is because we humans are safer that way. The extraterrestrials we could have made contact with could be so advanced that if we release to the public information about them, all humans would be at risk of complete destruction. Maybe it’s the aliens cont rolling the disclosure and not us!

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