UFOs and US Atomic Facilities? Some considerations



There were a few recent news accounts where past United States Air Force associates have claimed that Unknown Flying Objects attacked as well as altered some of the United States’ nuclear missiles back in the sixties.

Now this kind of sounds like any fantastical tale yet the men and women making the claim needed to pass psychological profiles when they were serving in the Air Force and are not really individuals who could be prone to creating stories and also lies.


Altering nuclear missiles through unfamiliar technology would seem to take the technology significantly beyond that available to individuals on Earth nowadays. Where current human engineering has the power to improve the functioning of something such as an automated garage front door and the storage door opener, altering the actual capabilities associated with nuclear missiles in hard silos just isn’t something that is within the features of friends or foes of America today.

UFO and atomic BOMB

The former officers tend to be coming forwards now because of the availability of recently declassified files. Apparently, the actual UFOs as well as the aliens primarily were observing the nuclear arsenal although it seems that inside at least a couple of instances, the particular aliens disarmed launch and guidance systems, disabling the missiles.


Could the aliens have been testing humankind? Could the aliens be watching to see when humans are usually worthy of joining the “United Federation of Planets?” Given the reactions of most people to thinking about UFOs in fact being achievable combined with the responses of most government authorities, humans have in all probability been evaluated as not ready for such an invitation but it is usually possible they will change their minds at some point and extend such an invitation. That would be the point where the science fiction worlds would certainly collide with real life, hurling everyone and also everything into pandemonium.


Would this bring the concept of “Men In Black” alive? Or maybe it would be the start of a universe imagined by Gene Roddenberry, Isaac Asimov, Gordon R. Dickinson, or Frank Herbert. Possibly the aliens would provide technology that could allow people to develop a fresh way of opening garage doors or maybe the particular doors might open to additional dimensions as opposed to just to the garage door.


Whatever the outcomes of actual connections with aliens turns out to be, when the aliens decide that they can get in touch with humans immediately and freely will be a day time that all human beings will understand as the beginning of a new phase in the introduction of humans. In 2nd Wolrd War there were a lot of sightings in conflicts zone, it seem that UFO are spying the dangerous actions of the human… these theory was reported also in a documentary on Discovery Channel


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