Ghost Activities In My House


The story of an haunted house

This is a continuation of my last article titled, “Haunted and Exhausted” that I wrote when I first discovered that my house is haunted. It all started with the TV shutting off by itself in the middle of the night and my flickering chandelier in the dining room. I tried my best to remain skeptical at first because no one really wants to believe that there could be a ghost in their house. I tried my best to protect my sanity and to avoid being afraid to sleep at night, be alone in the shower and wonder what could be around every corner.

Ghost sightings and madness! We must keep calm

There were a few times that the fear really got to me and I would remind myself that it’s ridiculous to allow a ghost to dictate my every thought. I started to gain strength and was able to place mind over matter every time I heard a knock or footsteps and they soon just became occasional background noise.

Be carefoul to the ghost activity

The problem is the occurrences started to escalate and little noises were now the least of my concern. Most of the activity happened in the dining room and the connecting bedroom, where my daughter sleeps. My mother put an antique table in our dining room a few years before we moved back into my grandparents’ old place. I never questioned where the table came from until I had an idea that the table was the problem. One morning, the whole tabletop was shoved almost clear off its unhinged base, knocked over a chair as well as a basket of toys that was on the chair. The wooden tabletop is heavy enough that it would actually take an effort to push it, never mind knock over everything in its path. My husband was in the connecting living room and I was getting ready in the bathroom when we heard the loud crash and blamed each other until we both darted to the dining room to see the mess.

ghost sightings

The fear start rising in the haunted house

My daughter was afraid to sleep in her room one night for one reason or another, so I laid with her and ended up falling asleep myself. The next morning, the bed was not where it was the night before. It was up against her bureau about two feet away from its original position. I would have woken up if it was slid across the hardwood floor on its narrow wooden legs but we must have been sleeping soundly when it happened. I started to notice that her bedroom was not that far away from the dining room table in the next room. My mother told me that the table was from a neighbor. This neighbor’s house was always known to be haunted. Even the real estate agent disclosed that to the neighbors before they bought the house.

The sad but right decision…

We moved into my grandparents’ house in December 2009 and brought a lot of baggage with us along the way, so needless to say there was very little storage space left for a huge dining room table. Still, I was fed up. I took the tabletop off and stood it up behind my hutch in the kitchen a replaced it with a very heavy glass table top that I had in storage. It was smaller and even more difficult to move. I figure I would at least disassemble it and hopefully release the ghost from my house. This sounds silly but I thought it would be worth a shot. After all, no one wanted it because it was too big and they knew it might come with some extra company. Thing were actually very quiet from the beginning of September until just recently.

The ghost activity rise in some circumstances

It is amazing how the activity occurs because it almost makes me look like I’m losing my marbles. Every time I think about it, something happens later that night. For example, writing this article will probably lead me to a night of festivities yet I still have to let it out. Every time I watch a TV show or movie about the paranormal both my husband and I notice more activity. Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters really bring it out. This sounds ridiculous, but I would never write this if it wasn’t happening. I’m just glad I’m not the only one seeing and hearing things around here as my husband has had experiences of his own. The events are becoming much more frequent.

Very dangerous ghost activities..

We were about to fall asleep one night last week and just as I was nodding off, it was as if someone slammed their hand down on the gas stove top- Talk about a loud bang. We jolted to an upright position just waiting for something else to happen but there was nothing. I’ve had enough practice by now to be able to meditate myself to sleep but it took a lot longer that night. The next morning I was on the back porch when I heard three knocks in the kitchen that sounded like they were coming from above the stove. I came in and noticed that one of the burners was on and gas fumes were leaking out. I quickly shut it off but couldn’t help but say, “Thank you”.

The ativities go on night by night…it was like a nightmare

That same night, I leaned into the bedroom to say something to my husband and a small strip of hair fell from my pony tail to the front of my face as I was bending forward. It started to lift away from my face while I was talking. We both paused as I stayed very still and we watched it rise until it was pointing straight out. It was like static electricity but stronger due to the weight of the small section of hair. The events continued. I was getting ready for work the a few days ago and kept hearing a pinging sound. It wasn’t coming from the pipes so I glanced around to see what it could be coming from and I noticed the measuring cup I used to rinse my daughter’s hair in the bath the night before. I got closer and was if you were tapping your fingernail over and over on the glass. I went to the other room to get my husband and went, “Shh…” while leading him over to the bathroom. He already had an idea of what he was listening for because we know each other ghostly expressions by now. The tapping stopped before he came in and started again after he left about a minute or two later. I brought him back in, it stopped and started yet again when he left. I thought to myself what a prankster this thing is.

The courious story of “Paola”

I showed my mother as soon as I got home and she was so astounded that she celled my aunt to tell her about it. Apparently, we are not the only ones who have been haunted by our ghost. My aunt Pat was chatting with her daughter-in-law “Paula” and the topic happened to come in conversation. “Paula” was relieved to hear what she had to say because now she could tell her story. “Paula” and her son were staying here about two years ago for a short period of time because there was a fire at their house and needed a place to stay until they could move on. She said that her teenage son was hanging out in his room and looked up only to see the figure of a man standing outside of his room then the door to the bedroom slammed shut (my daughter’s room). She told aunt Pat how relieved she was that they can now talk about their experience openly without anyone thinking they were insane. I suppose it’s a good thing that I have little inhibitions about sharing my experience with people I trust. Of course, I have a wider audience now.


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