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UFOs continuously appear in the sky



It could be said that until now unidentified flying object (commonly abbreviated as UFO or U.F.O.) is still a secret in science. Researching to find an answer for such mysterious phenomenon is not really easy. While scientists have been studying, strange objects continuously appear in the sky.

In December, 26, 2009 a UFO appeared in the sky near Buenos Aires, Argentina. The result of analysis showed that the UFO was a solid object. The following photo was reported by ancient UFO

Buenos Aires UFO sightings

 A strange light appeared above windmill in Downham Market, Norfolk, UK in March 2010 Brian Lee discovered a strange object in the picture of sunrise which he had took when he was driving on Billings Gate road in South Somercotes

Fiona Hartigan saw 3 strange objects in the Sydney sky in March 21, 2009 An unknown object was captured over Ely Cathedral, Cambrigeshire in the United Kingdom. We report the photo of another UFO sighting

 sydney UFO sighting

 This picture of UFO was taken by a cell phone in San Diego in January 10, 2009. The UFO disappeared right after being captured

 san diego UFO sighting

 Robson saw a moving object in the sky in Telford, Shropshire, UK in January 2009. The entire sightings was reported by BBC


 A British man Ahmad Zaigham saw strange light in the sky above South Harrow, UK in March 3, 2009

South Harrow, UK ufo

A mysterious object was taken in South Carolina, US in March 16, 2009. The sighting of this UFO below

There’s a mathematical equation that show us the probability of other form of life in the universe. So do you believe in UFO or not? I leave to you the answer but i love to see the sightings photos!


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