Skull tattoo designs. Do you know the meaning?

skull tattoo meaning

skulls tattoo, very famous!

One of the most popular tattoo designs since the ancient times are skull tattoo designs. Nowadays they are still often requested by people all over the world. More than that, their popularity has grown in recent time. The main question is what makes skull tattoo designs so popular?

the meaning of these tattoo

The reason for this is of course not only the stylish look of skull tattoo design. The answer is much deeper. Skull tattoo designs have a number of historic meanings, but they differ a lot from culture to culture. That’s why a skull tattoo design often has an individual meaning that is unique for its owner. It is traditionally thought that skull tattoo design symbolizes death. The transience of people’s life is often revealed in such tattoo design. But the meaning is much deeper… The owner of a skull tattoo design shows that he understands that everyone must die some day and that he is not afraid of death. Of course a person should be brave enough to make a skull tattoo design and people often emphasize their fearlessness by wearing it.

The root of skulls tattoo

The roots of skull tattoo designs can be found in Latin America. The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico since ancient times. It is a holiday, when people are gathering to remember friends and family members, who have died. Skull was a traditional symbol of this holiday and Indians thought skull tattoo designs to be amulets protecting from death.

But of course today skull tattoo designs have a variety of different meanings. This tattoo design often symbolizes power and might. Skull symbol can be met in nearly every religion in the word and it scared people from ancient times.Skull with bones is a traditional pirate emblem. Such skull tattoo designs most often mean freedom. Their owners want to reveal that they have no respect for society norms or even laws. By such skull tattoo design they demonstrate that freedom is the biggest value for them. Young people are often fond of skull tattoo designs. For them such tattoo designs are statement of protest, and it makes skull tattoo designs even more popular.

The popular flaming skull tattoo

Of course there is a great number of styles and forms of skull tattoo designs. A Flaming skull is often made to emphasize the strong will of its owner. It is one of the most popular tattoo design among extrimals and those who are fond of risk.

In earlier times only men requested skull tattoo designs, but nowadays this tradition has changed. There appear more and more women who want to have skull tattoo designs. With the growth of popularity between women new skull tattoo designs appeared, such as skull with roses. They are though to be girls’ skull tattoo designs.

Traditionally skull tattoo designs are thought to be quite aggressive and protest ones. But such tattoo designs can also symbolize changes. In some cultures people who are eager to change their whole life choose skull tattoo designs.

In any case it is only your choice what tattoo design to make, but you should remember that tattoo designs with unique individual meaning are always the best.

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