Scariest creatures on earth


A world of strange creatures

Let’s discover the scariest creatures on the planet. There are a lot of strange creatures out there!..keep a look out!

Chupacabra monster

Chupacabra, a mysterious monster, is a horror for people in certain areas in America and Puerto Rico. On March 24th, 2010 a Chinese man in Suining City caught a monster like it. The monster was described to have gray fur. Unlike Chupacabra, it attacks chickens instead of goats. With huge claws, it is about 60cm long and has 30-cm tail. Most of its fur fell and left few on the back and forelimbs. Kong Huazhen from Daying Forestry thought that this monster was a albino civet.

monster creature

Hell fish

Hell fish owns a face like the Death. Its body is full of skeletons and brown scales. The fins are quite normal except a white sharp pointed object like a horn on the back. Hell fish is bigger than normal ones.

monster creature fish

Giant sea monster

The giant sea monster drifted into the coast of Guinea. It has four legs, a tail and extremely long fur. With a wide mouth, it makes numerous people panic. Scientists have made no conclusion about its identification after carefully examining.

gian sea monster

Strange creature in Russia

The creature was found at a ditch in Russia. It looks like a sting-ray with a long tail. Its head is similar to that of crabs with a firm shell. Surprisingly, this strange creature has more than 20 little legs.

strange crubs

Monster with otter and boar face

This weird creature was found in the lake in Kitchanuhmaykoosib town, Ontario, Canada. It has long dark brown plumage while head, face and legs have no feathers. Its face is the same as that of a boar with big nose. Two nurses saw it when they were walking the dog around the lake. It has like a nose of a dog but the head is differet

strange creature

Strange monster in Montauk beach

The monster drifted into Montauk Beach, Long Island in 2008. Its body looks like a dog and has beak instead of hair and teeth. It was called “Montauk monster” because little explanation was discovered. What is that? A poor dog died or other things?

strange creature

Seven-leg Goat

The poor goat was born in New Zealand with three legs and two legs behind the front legs. Obviously, extra legs are useless and even affect considerably the newborn goat. It is extremely difficult for this goat to go around. Its owner, Mrs. Song, shared that extra legs did not cause any health problems to the goat. Otherwise, the seven-leg goat has a strong heart.

poor goat 7 legs

Pig with a monkey-like face

The weird pig comes from Fengzhang village, Xiping town, China. It is characterized as a bulging forehead, small eyes and snout. In particular, its front legs are much shorter than back ones, which makes people mistake it as a monkey. It was reported that this pig had four normal brothers.

strange creature

The abnormal pig’s owner Feng Changlin said that it was very scared and nobody wished to buy it. However, the pig makes Xiping town become famous because tourists travel there to take photograph and admire this awaresome pig. The mother nature offer us very strange phenomena. Nothing of these animals is a bad or disgusting creature , i like to consider them like different from the other but surely the aspects of these can scary a lot of pepole

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