Strange food around the world

Bizarre foods around the worlds, a list of it!

People are interested in traveling to enjoy natural landscapes, to experience different cultures, and to taste special foods local to the places and countries they are visiting.

Many people are surprised at the foods which the native people eat. Strange and weird foods may not be everyone’s tastes, but they are considered delicious delicacies in other countries. In reality, such foods are quite normal to the local people who eat them and make foreign people curious about them.

we have put a nice photo of nice flower under that you read this scary foods 🙂


  • Snake meat (Le Mat, Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • Deep-fried cockroaches
  • Roasted guinea pig
  • Ant sauce in Color de Hormiga, Barichara, Columbia
  • Deep-fried crickets are commonly eaten in Asian and African countries
  • Dog meat is eaten in some countries like China, Korea, and Vietnam
  • Silkworms were originally discovered about 5,000 years ago
  • Deep-fried scorpions are a hot commodity in Asian countries.
  • An American man is drinking snake blood in Bangkok, Thailand.

snake meat is common in Asia

Have you tried to eat a one of these? If you have tried one I hope you enjoyed it. Post a photo while you are eating it in the comments!

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