The Most Bizarre Restaurants on Earth

These restaurants are all about the atmosphere!

Dining out is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy a meal. How would you feel about eating in a restaurant where the interior designer was obsessed with toilets? Do you dare to adventure to eat a meal at a restaurant decorated with black coffins, skulls, and crosses, where you have to eat in complete darkness? You may not think these restaurants sound practical, but they actually exist. If you think some of your local restaurants are boring, take a look at the strange restaurants that made it onto this list:

The Bar in the Middle of the Caribbean Sea – Jamaica

bizarre restaurant pelican bar

Located on a sand bar off Jamaica’s South Coast, Floyd’s Pelican Bar is one of the most unique places in the world to enjoy a sunset. This tropical paradise retreat is just a short boat ride from Treasure Beach. The roof is made of huge palm leaves and there are no walls at this bar, leaving you free to enjoy the breeze. Visitors can stand waist-deep in the tropical water while enjoying their mai-tais, rum punches, and tropical delicacies.

“Buns & Guns” Restaurant – Lebanon

military base bizarre restaurant

The Buns & Guns Restaurant in Lebanon looks like a military base. Everything in the restaurant from the decorations to the names of its dishes on the bullet-shaped menu is military-themed. Sandbags cover the exterior of the “Buns and Guns” fast food restaurant in Beirut’s Hezbollah-dominated southern suburbs. Their slogan, “A sandwich can kill you.”

People Are Dying to Eat at This Coffin Themed Restaurant – Ukraine

Coffin shaped restaurant

Eternity Restaurant is located in Truskavets, Ukraine. It holds the record for being the largest coffin in the world at a whopping 65 feet long. Run by a local funeral parlor, the local undertaker moonlights as the bartender when not waiting on the dead. The decor features funeral wreaths, human-sized coffins, and ominous or dreadful names of dishes such as “Let’s Meet in Paradise”.

death restaurant bizarre restaurant

Dine Under the Sea – The Maldives

bizarre restaurant - undersea restaurant

The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives is a magical undersea adventure in luxury, where people can enjoy a meal, libations, or even get married 5 meters below sea level in the Indian Ocean. The views include beautiful coral reef gardens surrounded by aquatic wildlife.

Vampire Café – Japan

bizarre restaurant vampire restaurant

Theme restaurants are all the rage in Japan, but this one is seducing than the rest. The Vampire Cafe in Ginza, Tokyo is almost entirely blood red. The interior is decorated with velvet drapes, black coffins, skulls, crosses, and all things occult. Bram Stoker would be proud of this hauntingly vampish atmosphere. 

A Hospital Where the Food is the Medicine – Latvia

bizarre restaurant - hospital restaurant

Hospitalis is a unique and weird themed restaurant in Riga, Latvia. The restaurant serves drinks in test tubes, vials, beakers, and IV bags. The waitstaff wear scrubs or white nurse dresses and the food resembles body parts. You can even wear a straight jacket and have a nurse spoon feed you. Unfortunately, the restaurant couldn’t live up to the stringent hygiene standards of a medical facility and was closed.

Modern Toilet Restaurant – Taiwan

bizarre restaurant - toilet restaurant

Modern Toilet Restaurant might look like a water closet, but the food isn’t nearly as strange as the decor. The seats are porcelain thrones the bowls are shaped like urinals and toilets. While it might look disgusting, the reviews are generally good and the atmosphere is definitely worth a visit.

Dinner in the Clouds – Belgium

bizarre restaurant sky restaurant

Arriving at Dinner in the Sky Restaurant in Belgium, customers are treated to a meal prepared 150 feet up in mid-air. The restaurant is event-based but can be reserved for private events. The food is also better than anything you’ll get from an airline these days.

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