Bizarre eyes around the world

bizarre eyes

Today speak about of bizarre ayes around the world!

The life is always full of bizarre stories in many parts of the world. Many people own outstanding ability and different features. In the following pictures, you will have chance to see five situations related to strange eyes.

Nong Youhui: Chinese boy can see in the dark

Nong Youhui from Dahua in southern China can reportedly see in the dark with his bright blue eyes and see as clearly as most people during the day. Doctors who have studied Nong Youhui’s amazing eyesight said that Nong was born with a condition known as luekodermia. Therefore, his eyes are extremely sensitive to high light and have less protective pigment.

cat sight

 Nong Youhui can read perfectly without any light

Girl with X-rays eyes

Heise from California, the U.S. has had incredible eyes with divine ability at birth. She can look through the body of all people and see parts and organs in the body as an X-ray machine. Medical experts feel extremely curious about Heise’s divine ability, but there is no way to explain this strange phenomenon. They can only suppose that Heise owns a special “quani synesthesia”.

X ray sight bizarre eyes

Heise can see parts and organs in the body as an X-ray machine

A teenager with bizarre white eyes

Laura Castro in Miami, Florida, USA is a beautiful teenager. She has bizarre white eyes, which experts and doctors can not explain. Moreover, Laura Castro’s eyes can see through solid stone and metal. She was born normal but developed pure white eyes at the age of 10. Eye doctors and other experts have done a lot of research on her white eyes, but nobody can explain what causes this rare condition.

real white eye bizzare

 Laura Castro has stunned experts with her bizarre white eyes

Tragic Veronica: the girl can no longer close her eyes

Tragic Veronica can be considered as the last victim of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. This disaster robbed her sight of family and friends. Doctors said she had a rare cancer and if it is not operated, she will eventually die. Veronica is in permanent pain because she can no longer close her eyes, and they are always dry and swollen.






Tragic Veronica can’t close them at night either, and she can no longer see. It’s a very sad story

The eye-popping man

Claudio Pinto is capable of popping both of his eyes 4 cm out of their sockets. Mr Pinto has experienced various tests and doctors were all surprised, and said he was the only case they had ever seen or heard of. Many people believe that Pinto has weird eyes, but he is very proud and thought it was a gift from God. Thanks to them, he can make money easily with performances at crowded places.

ball eyes






Claudio Pinto can pop both of his eyes 4 cm out of their sockets

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