21 Unbelievable Things That Fell From The Sky


What would you do if money started falling from the sky? What about blood? Yes! There is a story about blood falling from the sky!! Check it out here on 21 Unbelievable Things That Fell From The Sky!






The creaziest stories!

10 – A meaty story…

Back in 1976, Mrs Allan Crouch was in her Kentucky farm yard making soap. Next thing, meat starts falling from the sky. Even more strange, 2 men taste it to confirm that it was indeed meat. It was written in the Louisville Medical News Journal that it was probably the “disgorgement of some vultures that were sailing over the spot”

9 – Money doesn’t grow on trees…

But it does fall out the sky! A few accounts have been recorded. One in 1957 happened in France, where thousands of 1000 franc notes fell from the heavens. Then again in 1975, apparently hundreds of $1.00 bills fell from the sky in Illinois.

8 – It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Blood! Several times it’s been reported that blood has rained down, once in Columbia and more recently in India. The 5th of July 2012 saw a red shower come down in Kerala. Everywhere was just red and pink, and smelt like beetroot.
This mysterious rain was initially thought to be mixed with a meteor burst, and it’s also been blamed on extra-terrestrial life. At this stage, no plausible answers have been given.

7 – No Dancing in this rain…

Heading to the UK, 4th of March 2001 at Galashiels Academy, David Crichton was giving a soccer class. During the class it began to rain, not just any rain – it rained earthworms. It might have been easier to explain if the day wasn’t clear with no rain predicted!

6 – Total Freak Accident…

This poor little boy was innocently playing outside with friends, when a sacrificial goat bolted from the 6th story flat it was held captive in – only to land on the boy. Heval Yildirum died instantly, as did the goat.

5 – Death by lawnmower…

This is hard to believe, but during a football game between The Jets and the Patriots in 1979 at Shea Stadium, a man was killed by a flying lawnmower. During half time, model airplanes were flown in the stadium. A plane, which was shaped like a lawnmower, flew into John Bowen and Kevin Rourke. Kevin Rourke died a few days later from his injuries. There were no criminal charges, but there was lawsuit against the Flying Association and the guy who flew the plane.

4 – Lady Luck was on their side!

Amazingly, both the turtle and the driver were unharmed in this freak accident. Nicole Marie Biances was travelling on the motorway, when this turtle fell from the sky and smashed into her windscreen. The vehicle in front of her accidently drove over the turtle, causing it fly upwards and backwards, which is how it ended up in the windscreen. Just glad no one was hurt!

3 – A most unusual snow day!

In 2007, Siberia reported multi-coloured snow! There was yellow, green and orange – and apparently it was very smelly. It fell in 3 different regions, and it was thought to be the effects of clay and sandy soils in those regions.

2 – Rain rain go away…

Especially if you’re going to rain live jellyfish!
In 1894 thousands of jellyfish rained down in Bath in England. Again, more than likely the result of a hectic wind carrying them from one point to another… but no documented cases of raining jellyfish since then, thank goodness.

1 – An Apple a day…

In December of 2011, more then 100 apples were spotted raining down in Coventry. The apples hit cars, littered the streets and caused a bit of mayhem. It was thought to either be caused by a current of air, lifting them from an Orchid and pelting them down in Keresley, but some people have suggested it fell from an airplane.
Where ever they came from, it must have been quite a sight to see.

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