6 Mysterious Natural Wonders

Natural mysteries abound in this beautiful world we inhabit. From mysterious beach boulders to the infamous Bermuda Triangle, here are a few of the Most Mysterious Natural Wonders.

6 – Moeraki Boulders

These remarkable weird spherical boulders, some measuring as much as 12 feet in circumference litter a beach found on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. These strange spheres were formed millions of years ago on the ancient seafloor, collecting and hardening sediment and minerals around a core. The core could be anything from a fossil, a shell, a wee teeny tiny skull, you know, pretty much anything. Scientists call these acts of nature septarian concretions, and these spheres found here are regaled as the largest in the world.

5 – Devils Tower

This laccolithic butte, composed of igneous rock can be found in western Wyoming and was the first national monument of the United States, by President Roosevelt! The summit is at 5,112 feet, or 1,559 meters above sea level.

Native American folklore surrounds this strange natural marvel. The myth goes; A group of girls went out to play but were hindered by several giant hungry bears who quickly gave chase. In a desperate attempt at escape, the girls climbed up a large rock, but fell, slipping and sliding to their dirt-stained knees, covered in scratches and screams. The Tower soared into the clouds and the girls transformed into stars. Those stars are said to guide travelers who have lost their way. The girl turned into the constellation Pleiades.

4 – Superstition Mountains

This insane range of supernatural mountains is in Arizona, just east of Phoenix. Folklore warns that sometime in the 1800s Jacob Waltz discovered a huge goldmine hidden inside the mounting bracket stone, but his greed kept the location a fearsome secret, and he took it to his grave. This hole in the mountain, which may or may not actually exist, is called the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. Many have gone in search of the buried treasure but it’s never been found. Apache legend speaks of an entrance to hell found inside the sinister stone mountain walls.

3 – The Southern Pole of Inaccessibility

This desolate kingdom of snow and ice is the perfect getaway for the solitary wounded heart club. You can reach it by venturing into the arctic wilderness known as Antarctica, it’s found at the central point farthest from the sea, from all directions. Some call this spot the most remote and coldest in the entire world, and they might be right. The average year-round temperature is near negative 58 degrees Celsius or negative 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The exact location you ask, well, we’re still working on those precise coordinates. The marking point? A creepy plastic bust of Vladimir Lenin stands guard against intruders, atop a Soviet cabin from 1958. The cabin lies buried under thick sheets of snow and ice, a treacherous journey, but, if you do manage to dig your way inside, a golden visitor’s book is waiting for your inscription into immortality.

2 – Catatumbo Lightning

Inside the south-west corner of a Venezuelan lake, is this bizarre location whispered to contain the world’s highest frequency of lightning activity. Get this, the average, is 250 flashes per square kilometer, per year. The combination of humidity, elevation, and winds make this place a Tesla coil of electrified activity. Over 200 nights per year, colossal flashes of lighting will fill the skies, sometimes, with 25 or more flashes, per minute. The peaks are in May and October. A Shocking location to say the least.

1 – The Bermuda Triangle

A.K.K., the Devil’s Triangle. This region in the western end of the North Atlantic Ocean shares vicinity with Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan Puerto Rico. It spans roughly 500,000 square miles. Many stories circulate this ominous cove; people, ships, and even planes have all disappeared in the depths of these cryptic waters, meeting gruesome fates shrouded in thick mystery. Compass needles spin in restless confusion inside the malevolent triangle. Be wary of sinister storms which frequent the weary waters, for that silhouette lingering inside that first flash of lightning may be the last time anyone will remember seeing you alive.

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