Most Unbelievable Revenges



Some people take strange harmful actions against those who make them sad or angry by forcing the perceived wrongdoers to suffer the same or greater pain. Readers will be surprised by the following acts of revenge by Paul Osborn and Sim Lawrence.

Woman sells her house writing songs about her cheating husband

40-year old Sim Lawrence asked her husband, Hans Desmarowitz to leave their home in Truro after her husband’s suspension from his post at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. He had stored his secretary’s confidential medical records. She wrote and recorded songs about what happened, one of which is “The Secretary” with lyrics “Everyone thinks that you’re such a nice fella, Saving lives every day like a god – but you’re a devil to me”. Anyone who downloaded the tracks from her website would have a chance to get a lottery ticket to win her £750,000 four-bedroom home. People who downloaded tracks from Sim Lawrence’s website could join a simple “spot the fish” competition for their chance to win the £750,000 house. She stated that the sale of the house helped her put that distressing episode of her life behind her and move on.

Paul Osborn Put his Wife Sharon Up For Sale on eBay

Paul Osborn, 44, and his wife Sharon, 43, had a 24-year happy marriage. However, he discovered that his wife was having an affair with a co-worker. As revenge, he placed her up for bid on eBay with the offer of his cheating, lying, and adulterous slag of a wife to the highest bidder. Bids hit $ 972,644!

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