Most Bizarre Gas Station on Earth



It is quite common to go traveling and sightseeing to beautiful destinations and heritages. However, it is strange to have a look at gas stations. We often think that gas stations are places for filling fuels when our vehicles run out of fuels. But there are several gas stations drawing the attention of many tourists each year. These buildings make us surprised due to their original structural designs. They surely look like amazing masterpieces of great architecture. Although they seem odd in comparison with other simple gas stations, they are actually museums of art on our earth. Let’s have a look at the following photos to have fun.


Teapot Gas Station

This teapot gas station was built in Chicago in 1992 in teapot-shaped design. It was one of the federal petroleum reserves. The gas station was built with a circular shaped-concrete building.

strange gas station

Poshest gas station

The poschet gas station in Los Angeles looks like a geometrical play of metal and glass. It is the unique gas station which is built in geometric angels. Many visitors come only to see this amazing structure every year.

strange gas station

Jack Colker Gas Station

Another gas station that grabs our eyes with its construction is the Jack Colker Union Gas Station in Beverly Hills, California. This gas station has luxury and modern style due to its curved and triangular design.

strange gas station

Vintage Orbit Gas Station

The Vintage Orbit gas station is placed in Sacramento, California. It was built with an excellent look of unusual shape that makes it look like some sorts of alien aircraft.

strange gas station

Moil Container Gas Station

The moil container gas station is one of the best gas stations ever in Koboko district, West Nile region of Uganda. It is also considered as the most expressive gas container in this country

strange things

Skovsshoved gas station

The Skovsshoved gas station in Denmark was designed by architect Arne Jackoobson in 1937. It is totally designed in minimalistic style and is considered as the most beautiful gas station in Denmark and still works in the country.

strange gas station

Crochet gas station

The crochet gas station was made by crochet artist Jennifer Marsh. She revealed this crochet covered gas station in 2007 as part of her World Reclamation Art Project. This abandoned gas station is located in Syracuse, New York.

strange gas station

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